The vineyards of Utiel-Requena

Spain owns the largest vineyards in the world with more than one million hectares across its territory. The country can count more than 70 origin-controlled wine denominations and some of them are highly reputed worldwide (Rioja, Ribera del Duero, La Mancha, etc.).

The tours of Combina con Vino lead you to the heart of one of these appellations: Utiel-Requena.


The strengths of Utiel-Requena

A local grape variety

The denomination Utiel-Requena produces especially red wines made from 80% of the Bobal variety grapes. This grape variety is exclusively used in this part of the world.

This variety allows the elaboration of powerful and fruity red wines. They bring out flavours of red fruit, spices and dry fruit.

A mild climate

The area is situated between 600 and 900 meters above sea level. In this area the wines profit the influences of both Mediterranean and continental climates.

As for the land, the fields where the vines are grown are of clay or sandy soil.

An ancestral know-how

The Utiel-Requena’s wine production began more than 2500 years ago.

This is where the archaelogical site of the Solana de las Pillilas of Requena, a place thought for the elaboration of wine, dating from the end of the 7th century-5th century BC, was discovered.

Creation of original wines

The Bobal variety is the star of the appellation. Also, we find in the appellation other red varieties: tempranillo, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, etc. 

As for the white varieties, the Tardana is indigenous to the appellation and the other white grapes are macabeo, merseguera, chardonnay, etc.

Learn more about this wine region

Utiel and Requena are two villages located at approximately one hour (80km) to the north-west of the city of Valencia.

A hundred wine-growing estates are spread around the 40 000 hectares counted in the denomination. All year long, discover the charms of these vast stretches of vineyards and their changing colours throughout the seasons.

Also, the municipality of Requena is the only exception within the Valencian region where the production of sparkling wines is authorized to use the name of the appellation Cava.

Less than one hour from Valencia: discover the beauty of Utiel-Requena’s vineyards

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