Make a wine tour gift

If you are looking for an original idea for your loved ones, give them a gift voucher from Combina con Vino. Surprise them with one of our wine tourism getaways. It’s a (very) good option!

1. Choose the tour, language and number of people of your gift voucher


2. Indicate your contact details and those of one of the people to whom you are offering the tour


3. Fill in the “For” and “From” fields to personalize the voucher


4. Select the quantity you wish to pay (see “Payment information”)


5. Complete the payment via the link received by email


6. Receive the gift voucher by email. Give it to the lucky one(s)!

Terms of use of the gift voucher

Validity period

The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. The expiration date will appear in the voucher.

A unique voucher

The gift voucher is personal and has a unique number. To use it, it will be necessary to communicate this number.

Alternative date

If the desired date is not available and without any other date option, the amount paid will be refunded.

Payment information

Two options

Choose between paying the full amount or 30% (and in this case, paying the rest once the reservation is confirmed).

Various payment methods

You will receive a link to complete the payment by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

A fixed price

The price of the gift voucher is the price of the service chosen at the time of your purchase, even if it changes in the future.

How to use the gift voucher?


1. Choose the date of the tour offered

Look at the available time slots in the desired tour schedule.

2. Contact us to make the reservation

Inform us of the date you wish and your gift voucher number.

3. Confirmation of the availability

Combina con Vino will check the availability of your request.

4. Receive the confirmation voucher

Receive the voucher by email and you are set to go!

Invite your loved ones to live a unique experience